• 30-minute free consultation to assess the helpfulness of an epithelial-oriented approach for you. If your experience diverges from the focus of these services, you will be informed.

  • Individual consultation sessions: $55 an hour

    After the Wellness Questionnaire or Genetic Analyses are completed, individual follow-up consultation sessions are $55/hour.
  • Wellness Questionnaire Analysis: $199

    Tx Genetic Research developed a detailed Wellness Questionnaire that points to the different genetic variants that may be affecting your epithelial mucosa based on your reported symptoms. You may choose to do this questionnaire and forgo a genetic test comparison. However, a genetic test is the most accurate method of identifying genetic variants. Results of the questionnaire are suggestive but not definitive. The Questionnaire takes about 3-4 hours to answer and discuss.

    Included with the Wellness Questionnaire Analysis:
              * A copy of the Low Aromatic Hydrocarbon (LAH) diet

  • Full Exome Genetic Test Comparison: $399

    Tx Genetic uses a proprietary database of 1,200+ genes to identify exome variants (the exome is the section of the genome whose genes produce enzymes that do the biochemical work of the body) that affect the production of epithelial mucosa and the degradation of this tissue from sub-optimal biochemical functioning, allergens, toxins, pathogens and autoinflammatory conditions.

    Tx Genetic recommends a customer obtain a full exome genetic report, such as the one offered by Genos (separate cost of $499), so that every gene in Tx Genetic's custom database can be compared to the full report.  A custom comparison will be prepared for you so that you can understand what variants you have and how they may be possibility or probably affecting the well-being of your epithelium.

    Included with the Full Exome Genetic Test Comparison:
              * One month's supply of the Build nutritional formula.
              * A copy of the Low Aromatic Hydrocarbon (LAH) diet handout.

  • Partial Exome Genetic Test Comparison: $299

    A partial comparison can be obtained with the limited Variant Call Format (VCF) report from 23andme or ancestry.com.  While this option is not preferred because of the incomplete nature of these commercial tests, they can provide some data to identify potential issues.

    Included with the Partial Exome Genetic Test Comparison:
               * One month's supply of the Build nutritional formula.
               * A copy of the Low Aromatic Hydrocarbon (LAH) diet handout.

  • The Low Aromatic Hydrocarbon (LAH) diet handout is $10.00 with supplement purchase only. 

Tx Genetic can help you listen to your body. It's natural to feel down when you experience recurring or chronic health issues. As difficult as symptoms can be, they are important clues that point to specific environmental influences and/or genetic mutations. Once these variables are identified, you have knowledge that can enable you to make informed choices about your well-being.

Tx Genetic can share insight about epithelial-related puzzles. Conditions that are inadequately or impermanently addressed by conventional prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines can leave you feeling isolated and self-doubting. Understanding the association between perplexing symptoms and genetic variants provides confidence that there are rational explanations for your experiences and that you are not alone or crazy.

Tx Genetic can help you understand your unique genetic make-up. If you decide to obtain a genetic test, Tx Genetic will explain in accessible terms what variants you possess and how they may be influencing the health of your epithelium.

Tx Genetic focuses on establishing the genetic and environmental basis for

persistent mucosa-related problems and on identifying the most effective nutritional solutions unique to each person's genetic heritage and biochemical balance.  This "tissue systems" orientation to health and wellness represents a breakthrough approach in nutritional genomics.

Helen C Harrison, M.A.

Consultant, Educator, Researcher

txgenetic@gmail.com, 951-438-5531

The FDA has not reviewed the contents of this website. This information does not claim to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. It is provided for educational purposes.

Knowledge-Expanding Services

Guest Lectures


Do you attend or coordinate community meetings focused on health and wellness?  Are you curious about the genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that can contribute to disjunctive mucosa?

Helen C. Harrison, MA, is available to speak to your community group on the following topics:

"Meet Your Inside Skin"

Find out about epithelial mucosa -- what it is, what role it plays in the body, how it can be damaged and how its health can be supported.

"The Smog You Eat"

Learn how aromatic hydrocarbons, one of

the biochemical components of petroleum products and of fruits and vegetables, enters our bodies through inhalation, ingestion and absorption, and can cause toxic damage.

"Stealthy Signs and Quiet Clues"

Discover the easily overlooked symptoms that can suggest how a process of soft tissue degradation may impacting your well-being.

Please contact Ms. Harrison at txgenetic.com or call 951-438-5531 to arrange a guest lecture appearance.

How'd She Do It?

Harrison started her Journey back toward health in 2014 by investigating the genetic and environmental forces causing her to develop interstitial cystitis.

She eventually identified the diet and nutritional influences that considerably reduced her pain and vastly improved her functioning.

This lead her to a more complete understanding of the factors affecting epithelial mucosa tissue decline generally and realized by 2016 this could have a potential impact on 1/4 of the North American population.

Harrison is a former university faculty member with 17 years of teaching and research experience. Her graduate training was in the history of science and the humanities.

She left her academic position in 2016 to fulfill her mission of sharing her discovery with everyone in need.

Her personable style, and accessible and animated presentations, result in an enjoyable and informative experience for participants.

Harrison is a diligent health and nutrition researcher and is motivated to share her insights with others. She is not a licensed medical doctor or genetic counselor.

Resolving a chronic health concern can elude the ability of even the best medical professionals.

A delay in finding the proper understanding of a condition can seriously impact the lives of sufferers as well as of their families.

Many people share similar frustrating stories of fruitless attempts to find a resolution to their issues.

Helen Harrison followed the same path with her interstitial cystitis.

She now understands to help people one needs to listen closely, sometimes think outside the box and apply the proper investigative tools.

What Tx Genetic Can Do For You.